An invitation to spend the day with me

Brief encounters can be exciting, discreet and very valuable

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Everyone has less time and less money to spend on outsourcing. Yet everyone wants more success and more value in return.

So, I’ve created five low-cost, high-value, half-day workshops that I believe will add real value, and competitive edge to any venture.


As you know, its critical to be one step ahead of your competitors. I have a history of helping both agencies, consulting firms, corporates and start-ups win new business by adopting innovative, strategic models that add a competitive advantage. I also train creative people as well as senior managers in my EVAC pitching and presenting strategy. And it is so simple, it can be done in a morning, an afternoon or an evening session.

(Three hours of my time recently helped a client win a seven figure contract.)


I have been responsible for successful branding and marketing strategies and core communication propositions for global brands from almost every sector. In only a few hours, using behavioural psychology and design philosophy alongside the latest models and toolkits from leading thinkers in the field, I’ll show you how to MVP a new brand or reinvent an existing one to appeal to digital consumers with constantly evolving values and behaviours.


Before the lunch bell rings, I can open the minds of your brightest and best people to the latest thinking around innovation and disruption. I’ll share innovative new strategic models (Harvard, Stanford, NYU, Princeton, Wharton UoP, LSE and many others) and a whole new toolkit to ensure victory and avoid catastrophe for you and your customers. I’ll show you how to be the disruptor rather than the disrupted.


You may be embracing agile working, and using sprints to stay in, and ahead, of the game. But that model is already over thirty years old! There are newer, better models to innovate, and to design and evaluate new products and propositions. These models are quicker, cheaper and more successful in finding value than the ones your competitors are using. Faster than a scrum master at a kanban board, I’ll show you how to find more, measurable value in your product development.


Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a university spin-out or a business with a new venture, I can increase your chances of success. Using concept theory, my model for developing, evaluating and executing a valuable idea, I can strengthen or course correct your business model towards maximum value. If you can find a few hours, I can deliver proven success strategies from leading authorities such as Harvard’s Clay Christensen and John Kotter.

Choose one. Choose all five if you like! I guarantee you’ll find huge value in each session.

And if you need to know more about my experience and qualification, you can find out more here.
It will be an affair to remember!

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