Sustainability is at the core of our invention approach. We believe in solving real world problems, whilst creating value for ourselves and our investors. We invent using an innovative strategic process with proven tools and methods. Our first invention, the 1nhaler, has been spun-out as a fully funded, independent start-up business.


About the 1nhaler


The 1nhaler concept was originally developed by Don Smith after carrying a cumbersome multi-dose inhaler with him since childhood, due to suffering from mild asthma.

The device is a new technology platform for inhalable dry powder medications and will be the simplest, most convenient single-dose, disposable inhaler on the market. It has been described by one of the UK’s leading inhaler experts as “truly inventive thinking in the respiratory space”.

Through the 1nhaler platform, the various drugs we depend on will be more readily available to hand and able to enter our bloodstream for faster, more immediate effect.

As well as the obvious commercial opportunity in established economies, the 1nhaler’s flat shape and low cost will mean it can be distributed easily to remote parts of the world, delivering much needed therapeutics, vaccines and other pharmaceuticals to those who need them.


Don explains more about the 1nhaler in his TEDx talk below.

Other projects

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Clean energy

Using bio-mimicry as a basis for energy capture and storage, we are exploring opportunities in marine and tidal energy. Our focus is not only on new technologies, but contextualising existing energy infrastructure to new uses. In creating new industries, it is important to innovatively recycle everything you can from last generation technology.

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Data capture and storage is a complex issue in healthcare, the management and availability of real-time patient data is critical to positive outcomes. Although machine learning and AI are making huge leaps forward, our focus has been on changing the behavioural psychology of patients, helping them create and use their own data more effectively.

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Climate change

One of the inspirations behind One Hundred Flowers is the inspiring work of Project Drawdown. The project shows many ways we can all contribute to reversing climate change. Due to our location in Scotland, we’ve specifically taken an interest in coastal wetlands, marine permaculture and bioplastics. Find out more at

E.V.N – Our Venture Studio Model

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We also have a unique model for commercial partnerships on invention or innovation projects. We call it the Equitable Value Network, initialised as EVN. In an EVN, everyone is even. It is a model for a new generation of Venture Studios (a term coined in Silicon Valley).

Rather than a traditional incubator model that houses and supports multiple startups, a Venture Studio is populated with seasoned inventors and innovators and focuses on finding valuable solutions to strategically targeted opportunities. 

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.