Why you should work with us

Disruption is coming to every industry. Now, more than ever before, organisations need to embrace innovation and reinvent themselves. To be the disruptor rather than the disrupted.

Using our strategic model, our deep experience in the design and creative industries, and our first-hand, know-how of taking inventions and innovations to market, we offer our partners and clients a competitive advantage, whatever the industry or vertical.

Below, we explain the way we work with various clients and partners.

How you could work with us


De-risk your investments

Investment organisations

Our MEME model compliments the due diligence process of investment firms of any size. It combines tools and techniques for measuring value from the business schools of Harvard, Stanford and NYU, and is influenced by the investment philosophies of Ray Dalio (Bridgewater) Kevin Starr (Mulago Foundation), and Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway).  

This rapid, yet thorough method, is designed to de-risk, identify value and course correct unseen issues within the core concept of an investment.


Be the disruptor

Corporates and SME’s

Innovation can be difficult and frustrating. Transformation strategy has failed to change in over a decade. Sprinting has become slow and the outputs never seem to get over the finish line. Innovation can take forever, because consultants sell time, not value.

If it seems nothing is changing, and you need new ideas to manifest real value, then take a look at how we approach invention, innovation and disruption, and in particular, our Transference model for reinvention.


Survive and thrive

Agencies or consultancies

As an outsourced supplier, you always need to be one step ahead of your competitors, and that means embracing new ideas that deliver more value. In-house studios and the gig economy are eroding the agency and consulting market. We have a history of helping both small agencies and large consulting firms win new business by adopting innovative, strategic models that add a competitive advantage.

We also train and educate creative people as well as senior managers on our EVAC pitching strategy.


Value from values

Academic, Government or NFP

Not all inventions or innovations are profit driven. Our model is also designed to work for purpose or values driven organisations. Whether it is behavioural change on a societal level, or problem solving for economic growth, we can help to educate your people to invent and innovate, or directly run a program based on identifying and solving problems.

Sustainability is at the heart of our values and we are keen to prove that funding positive change is a commercially viable undertaking.


Spinning out and up

Startups and accelerators/incubators

The early days are the hardest, as any parent will tell you. We’ve been there and got the scars to prove it. From seeking investment, writing business plans, developing financial models and delivering MVP’s, spinning out a startup is a massive undertaking, and we can help.

Our models are designed to mitigate the risk of failure, by identifying potential issues and course correcting towards greater value. We share our invention and innovation models freely with startups working on sustainable concepts.


Skin in the game

Inventors, Innovators and Disruptors

A problem shared is a problem halved. But also, a solution shared is a solution squared. Collaboration improves good ideas. Especially collaboration with strategic, creative, connective, experienced people. Our EVN (Equitable Value Network) model is designed to pull the right collective of people together to fund, invent, validate and execute concepts for the benefit of all involved.

We believe in ‘skin in the game’ theory. And to invent a better, sustainable world, we need to work together. Get in touch.

A few of our most recent clients

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